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We are Dedicated to Helping the Fifth Ward Community and Houston Area


True Level Partnered with the Travis Manion Foundation.

A house in Fifth Ward was selected and repainted. The yard was cut and cleaned. Shurbry was planted.

Knights of Pythagoras

What is the Order of the Knights of Pythagoras?


The order of the Knights of Pythagoras is an organization composed of youths from nine to twenty years of age inclusive, working under the sponsorship and personal supervision of Prince Hall Masons, to provide beneficial use of their spare time, worthwhile companions, wholesome, educational environment, and a program aiming to interest and aid youths, in their all-round development.

It being a central focus of our Prince Hall Fraternity, True Level Lodge No. 226 has provide charity when and where possible. Our greatest achievement has been providng community to the Houston area community, within the state of Texas and in other jurisdictions when the need calls for us to do so.  We have formalized a few programs with which we intend, as a Lodge, to provide consistent support to local charitable efforts.  We hope in this way to make a continuing impact in our community and to provide the spirit of charity and affection which we feel within the Lodge to the greater local community

True Level and District 15A participated in a city wide thanksgiving meal giveaway in November 2016.

True Level Supported Mayor Turner's Family Day in the Park. 

True Level Lodge #226

Volunteer Deputy
Voter's Registration Training

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